What benefits can I expect?

New Tech Integrated

We keep improving our software to make it meet our standard. Our crews and experts continue work on combining the most cutting-edge technologies and our products. What you see on the news today may come available in our next update!

Intuitive UI & Features

Straightforward UI is a must have for great apps because your time are precious and you don't have bunch of them to spend on being professional in stuff you don't frequently use. Our software makes the interface and all features as easy as possible to save your efforts.

Free & Safe

Unlike many other "so-called" freeware, our products don't include spyware, adware, bloatware and other malicious components. It comes completely for free, no strings attached, no registration required, no hidden cost.

Ongoing Support

Don't worry if you feel confused about using our software if you are a newcomer - we have provided more than enough tutorials on our website to show you how to get things started and set things straight. What's more, you can always contact us if you feel the need.


Awards & Testimonials


  • PC World

    Editor's Review
    This driver back utility showed above-average test results during our test. It allows backing up the scanned drivers alone or in bulk and finished tasks in just few minutes
  • Softpedia

    We found that in addition to drivers, Win Driver Backup manages to back up cookies, IE favorites and registry. That's a bonus
  • Core Download

    Five Star Rating
    Based on our test result on this backup tool, we highly recommend it as the first choice for those looking for decent backup protection
  • Download A to Z

    Editor's Pick
    Optional backup methods are one of the elements cementing its position as top-listed download freeware on our website


  • Carlos Velez

    I'd like to thank you for making this driver backup software free. I've always been careful to do backups, even though it takes much effort using other software. But now yours makes backup a breeze
  • Paul Dovey

    I've tried all buttons and all of them work fine. All I need is to select those drivers I'd like to keep a copy and click Backup. When I need to restore them, just use the system Device Manager to select the drivers in the backup folder
  • Teres Gilles

    I really love this app for its design and operation. Simple clicking will do all the work. All the buttons are clearly labeled so I didn't meet any problems at my first use. The other 3 backup tools are quite useful
  • Jason Hawker

    It struck me as being a very straight and reliable program the first time I used it. A cursory glance is all I need to know how it works. It simplifies everything needed in backing up and restoring drivers. Hope you guys develop more programs like this one


Download Win Driver Backup

100% Free Windows Driver Backup Software. Safe & Powerful.

Win Driver Backup is 100% safe and integrated with an uninstaller that can uninstall it in case you don't need it any more.

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How to Backup Drivers?

Win Driver Backup is a specialized driver backup tool with ability to backup all the major system drivers on your computer like audio drivers, video drivers, network drivers, etc. so that you won't encounter any trouble when facing computer crashes or other disasters.

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How to Scan Drivers & Select Drivers?

This driver backup software provides 2 flexible scanning methods for users - the recommended drivers (by default) or all drivers. It helps users, experienced or not, to cut the time wasted in selecting drivers needed.

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How to Backup Cookies?

Win Driver Backup is capable of making backup of cookies and allows saving it to a self-defined folder to bring you convenience after upgrading browsers or any other reinstall.

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How to Backup IE Favorites?

Win driver backup is able to troubleshoot this problem by creating IE favorites backup. Thus you can access each page quickly from IE favorites to save time searching for the wanted pages

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How to Backup Registry?

Registry holds Windows system information and any tiny damage to it can stop your computer from functioning and provoke a pile of problems. Wind Driver Backup is able to create registry backup to avoid possible registry trouble.

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How to Reinstall Drivers with Device Manager?

Win Driver Backup backs up all your specified drivers and saves them into well organized folders and when you want to restore them, you can easily find the one you need. Now, all problems regarding driver restoration can be conquered.

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Who Are We?

WinDriverBackup, Inc., a professional and innovative software producer of windows-based utility software, was founded in 2005. Our company specialize in designing and development of technologically advanced IT security, data recovery computer security and PC tools. The company constantly thrives to deliver best, reliable and result-oriented security tools to users. Our mission for the future is: "Innovate and create high quality, powerful software!"

Customer Focus

Our goal is to provide high-quality, easy-to-use and feature-rich solution. We sincerely hope that with our small and powerful software, our customer will improve their working efficiency and the computer operation becomes more enjoyable.


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